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A place where your furry friend/family will get superior grooming and compasionate care.

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Your pets are part of the family. Holydays are coming and your dog deserves the best grooming in all of Omaha for 17 years people have brought their furry friends to our shop.

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Bath & brush


Why you should bring your dog into our store

Having a dog is an amazing experience even more if it’s your firstone and while taking care of them is not easy we are here to help and provide our best service for your 4-legged family.

It is key to bathe and brush your dog as it will help with shedding and prevent any mats from forming in your dog’s coat. A buildup of mats can become painful for your dog, mats between their toes can cause walking problems or a variety of skin issues if your dog licks at them. It’s important to properly care for your dog’s feet beyond making sure their nails are trimmed.

We Have Specialized Groomers

Our experienced groomers give much attention to detail from bathing to brushing to shaving to ear care to haircut style and more.

Top quality shampoos are used in order to best address your pet’s needs from skin sensitivity to allergies to controling flees and condition of the coat. When your 4-legged friend is returned to you, 100% satisfaction is our goal. A happy dog means for a happy owner.

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